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We have been in business since 1987 and have over 400,000 remotes in stock.

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Offering brand new original equipment Amana Air Conditioner remote controls for your Air Conditioner unit. 

Our remotes are factory fresh and will work your air conditioner right out of the box. 

Just add batteries - (not included).  For the comfort and convenience of keeping your family nice and cool during the hot summer months,

why not purchase a brand new air conditioner remote control and stay cool. 

Please review the air conditioner model number list below to locate your specific model and then click on

the corresponding air conditioner number on the remote control to purchase your Amana Air Conditioner Remote Control.


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Number on the Remote Control


Why you need to purchase the original remote instead of a universal remote


Air Conditioner Model Number

Number on the Remote Control
AAC061STA AC-5620-02
AAC081STA AC-5620-02
AAC101STA AC-5620-02
AAC121STA AC-5620-02
AAC182STA AC-5620-02
ACA055R AC-5620-30
ACA056R AC-5620-30
ACB055E AC-5620-30
ACB057E AC-5620-30
ACB065R AC-5620-30
ACB067E AC-5620-30
ACB087R AC-5620-30
ACC085E AC-5620-30
ACC085R AC-5620-30
ACD12JE AC-5620-76
ACD105E AC-5620-30
ACD105R AC-5620-30
ACD106R AC-5620-30
ACD125E AC-5620-30
ACD125R AC-5620-30
ACD155E AC-5620-30
ACE156E AC-5620-30
ACE185E AC-5620-30
ACE185R AC-5620-30
ACE245E AC-5620-30
ACE245R AC-5620-30
ACEX186E AC-5620-30
ACW086R AC-5620-30
ACW106R AC-5620-30
ACW106V AC-5620-30
ACW126R AC-5620-30
ACW126V AC-5620-30
AP077R AC-5620-44
ESA3067 AC-5620-30
ESA3067-E AC-5620-30
ESA3087-E AC-5620-30
ESA3247 AC-5620-30
ESA3259-L AC-5620-30
ESA424JL AC-5620-30
ESAX3186-E AC-5620-30
HWR18VC7 AC-5620-30
HWR18VCJ AC-5620-30
HWVR10XCJ AC-5620-30
HWVR10XCK AC-5620-30


Number on the Remote Control


(click on the link for your model to order on-line) 

Florida residents please add 7% sales tax.

If you cannot locate your model number,

please call our help line at:


or email us at: sales@electronic adventure

return policy: 30 day money back guarantee on all remotes

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