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 TV Model Number    Remote Model Number  
DTQ13V1FC 48B4343A02
DTQ13V4FC 48B4343A02
DTQ13V5FC 48B4343A02
DTQ14U5SC 48B4343A02
DTQ14V1FS 48B4343A02
DTQ14V5FC 48B4343A02
DTQ19V1FC 48B4343A02
DTQ19V4FC 48B4343A02
DTQ19V5FC 48B4343A02
DTQ19V6FC 48B4343A02
DTQ20U4SC 48B4343A02
DTQ20V1FS 48B4343A02
DTQ25S3FC 48B4343A02
DTQ27S4FC 48B4343A02
DTQ27S5FC 48B4343A02
DTQ27U1SC 48B4343A02
DTQ27U4SC 48B4343A02

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