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Why you need to purchase the original remote instead of a universal remote

TV/VCR  & TV/VCR/DVD Number on the Remote Control
CXM1374 AA59-00237B
CXM1974 AA59-00237B
CXM2785TPA AA59-00323B
DVDV1000 AC59-00058B
DVDV3500 AK59-00008A
DVDV3650 AK59-00008A
DVDV3800 AK59-00008N
DVDV4800 AK59-00008X
DVDV5000 AC59-00058B
TT20A72 AA59-00237C
TT20A727X AA59-00237C



PRL3100 AA59-00239A
PRL3100/XAA AA59-00239A
SIRS4040R           with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIR4040R/XAA      with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIRS4080R           with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIRS4080R/DRT     with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIRS4120R           with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIRS4120R/XAA     with TIVO MF59-00243A
SIRTS160 RS-106N
SIRTS360 MF59-00250A
SIRTS360/DRT MF59-00250A
SIRTS360/XAA MF59-00250A
SL10D10/XAA RC23
if you do not locate your model click here DirecTV(ir)


DVD-1000 AC59-00058B
DVD-V1000 AC59-00058B
DVD-V2500 AK59-00001A
DVD-V2500/XAA AK59-00001A
DVD-V3500 AK59-00008A
DVD-V3500/XAA AK59-00008A
DVD-V3650 AK59-00008A
DVD-V3650/XAA AK59-00008A
DVD-V3800 AK59-00008N
DVD-V4800 AK59-00008X
DVD-V4800/XAA AK59-00008X
DVD-V5000 AC59-00058B
DVD-V8500 AK59-00008X
DVD-V8500/XXA AK59-00008X
DVD-V8600 AK59-00008X
DVD-V8600/XXA AK59-00008X
DVD-V8650 AC59-00052B
DVD-V9090 AK59-00008A
DVD-V9650 AK59-00052C
DVD-V9650/XAA AK59-00052C
DVD-VR345 AK59-00053R
DVD-VR345/XXA AK59-00053R
DVD-511 AH59-00056A
DVD-511A AH59-00056A
DVD-511A/XAA AH59-00056A
DVD-511/XAA AH59-00056A
DVD-611 AH59-00056A
DVD-611A AH59-00056A
DVD-611A/XAA AH59-00056A
DVD-611/XAA AH59-00056A
DVD-612 AH59-10141A
DVD-612/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-707 AH59-10087J
DVD-707/XAA AH59-10087J
DVD-709 AH59-10141A
DVD-709/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-711 AH59-10141A
DVD-711/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-739 AH59-10141A
DVD-739/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-811 AH59-10141A
DVD-812 AH59-10141A
DVD-812/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-818 AH59-10141A
DVD-819 AH59-10141A
DVD-839 AH59-10141A
DVD-839/XAA AH59-10141A
DVD-905 AH59-10087J
DVD-909 AH59-10141A
DVD-C350 AK59-00103C
DVD-C360 AK59-00103C
DVD-C370 AK59-00103C
DVD-C550 AK59-00103C
DVD-C601 AH59-00092E
DVD-C601/XAA AH59-00092E
DVD-HD755 AK59-00011K
DVD-HD755/XAA AK59-00011K
DVD-HD845 AK59-00011Y
DVD-HD845/XAA AK59-00011Y
DVD-HD850 AK59-00038A
DVD-HD860 AK59-00054D
DVD-HD860/XAA AK59-00054D
DVD-HD870 AK59-00054D
DVD-HD870/XAA AK59-00054D
DVD-HD870/XAZ AK59-00054D
DVD-HD870/AFS AK59-00071B
DVD-HD870C AK59-00054D
DVD-HD870C/XAA AK59-00054D
DVD-HD941 AK59-00025D
DVD-HD950 AK59-00025G
DVD-L70 AK82-00773A
DVD-L70/XAA AK82-00773A
DVD-L75 AK82-00773A
DVD-L75/XAA AK82-00773A
DVD-M101 AH59-00092B
DVD-M201 AH59-00092B
DVD-M301 AH59-00093B
DVD-M301/XAA AH59-00093B
DVD-P182 AK59-00071J
DVD-P185K AK59-00071L
DVD-P190 AK59-00103C
DVD-P190/XAA AK59-00103C
DVD-P191 AK59-00103C
DVD-P191/XAA AK59-00103C
DVD-P192 AK59-00103C
DVD-P194 AK59-00103C
DVD-P196 AK59-00103C
DVD-P231 AH59-00092T
DVD-P241 AK59-00011K
DVD-P241/XAA AK59-00011K
DVD-P241A/XAA AK59-00011K
DVD-P241B AK59-00011K
DVD-P241B/XAA AK59-00011K
DVD-P331 AH59-00092T
DVD-P341 AK59-00011M
DVD-P341/XAA AK59-00011M
DVD-P9191 AK59-00103C
DVD-TR520 AK59-00023P
DVD-TR520/XAA AK59-00023P
DVD-VR329 AK59-00053R
DVD-VR350 AK59-00053R
SVD3018 AK59-00011J

DVD/Home Theater


AV-R720 AH59-01867F
AV-R720T/RAD AH59-01867F
AV-R720T/XAA AH59-01867F
DVD-HD950/XAA AK59-00025G
HT-AS720 AH59-01867F
HT-AS720S AH59-01867F
HT-AS720ST AH59-01867F
HT-AS720ST/MEA AH59-01867F
HT-AS720ST/XAA AH59-01867F
HT-AS720ST/XAC AH59-01867F
HT-AS725 AH59-01867F
HT-AS725T/XFA AH59-01867F
HT-AS730S AH59-01951K
HT-AS730ST AH59-01867F
HT-AS730ST/XAA AH59-01951K
HT-AS730ST/XAC AH59-01951K
HT-BD2ET AH59-01951P
HT-C130 AH59-02196F
HT-DB120 AH59-01225B
HT-DB120TH/XAA AH59-01225B
HT-DB400M AH59-01169T
HT-DB650 AH59-01169V
HT-DB650TH/XAA AH59-01169V
HT-DB660 AH59-01225H
HT-DB660TH/XAA AH59-01225H
HT-DM150 AH59-01101F
HT-DM150UH/XAA AH59-01101F
HT-DM400M AH59-01169T
HT-DM400MTH/XAA AH59-01169T
HT-DM550 AH59-01101F
HT-DM550UH/XAA AH59-01101F
HT-DS100 AH59-01323C
HT-DS100TH/XAA AH59-01323C
HT-DS140 AH59-01323C
HT-DS140TH/XAA AH59-01323C
HT-DS610 AH59-01329A
HT-DS610B AH59-01329A
HT-DS610BT/XAA AH59-01329A
HT-DS610TH/XAA AH59-01329A
HT-DS630T AH59-01329A
HT-DS630TTH/XAA AH59-01329A
HT-DS650 AH59-01329C
HT-DS650TH/XAC AH59-01329C
HT-DS690 AH59-01329C
HT-DS690TH/XAA AH59-01329C
HT-DS1860 AH59-01329A
HT-DS1860T/XAA AH59-01329A
HT-DS1860TH/XAA AH59-01329A
HT-F5500W AH59-02538A
HT-F5500W/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-F5500/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-F6500 AH59-02538A
HT-F6500W AH59-02538A
HT-F6500W/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-F6500/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-F6530W AH59-02538A
HT-F6550W AH59-02538A
HT-F9730 AH59-02538B
HT-F9730/W AH59-02538B
HT-F9730W/ZA AH59-02538B
HT-FM53 AH59-02538A
HT-FM53/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-FM65WC AH59-02538A
HT-FM65WC/ZA AH59-02538A
HT-P29T AH59-01617A
HT-P29T/XAA AH59-01617A
HT-P38 AH59-01506E
HT-P40 AH59-01506E
HT-P1200 AH59-01527D
HT-P1200T/XAA AH59-01622G
HT-P1200T/XAC AH59-01622G
HT-SB1G AH59-02196A
HT-SB1R AH59-02196A
HT-SK5 AH59-01169U
HT-SK5/XXA AH59-01169U
HT-SK6 AH59-01101F
HT-SK6/XAA AH59-01101F
HT-WP38 AH59-01506E
HT-WS1 AH59-02196A
HT-WS1G AH59-02196A
HT-WS1R AH59-02196A
HT-X30 AH59-01778E
HT-X810 AH59-01907T
HT-X810T AH59-01907T
HT-X810T/XAA AH59-01907T
HT-X810T/XAC AH59-01907T
HW-J250 AH59-02710A
HW-J250/ZA AH59-02710A
HW-J355 AH59-02692E
HW-J355/ZA AH59-02692E
HW-J370 AH59-02692H
HW-J370/ZA AH59-02692H
HW-J450 AH59-02692E
HW-J450/ZA AH59-02692E
HW-J470 AH59-02692H
HW-J470/ZA AH59-02692H
HW-J550 AH59-02692E
HW-J550/ZA AH59-02692E
HW-J551 AH59-02692E
HW-J551/ZA AH59-02692E
HW-J4000 AH59-02733B
HW-J4000/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-JM4000C AH59-02733B
HW-JM4000C/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-JM6000/JA AH59-02692E
HW-J6000/ZA AH59-02692E
HW-JM25 AH59-02710A
HW-JM25/ZA AH59-02710A
HW-JM37 AH59-02692H
HW-JM37/ZA AH59-02692H
HW-JM6000/JA AH59-02692E
HW-K360 AH59-02733B
HW-K360/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K370 AH59-02733B
HW-K370/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K450 AH59-02733B
HW-K450/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K470 AH59-02733B
HW-K470/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K550 AH59-02733B
HW-K550/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K551 AH59-02733B
HW-K551/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K650 AH59-02733B
HW-K650/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-K651 AH59-02733B
HW-KM36 AH59-02733B
HW-KM36/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM36C AH59-02733B
HW-KM36C/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM37 AH59-02733B
HW-KM37/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM45 AH59-02733B
HW-KM45/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM45C AH59-02733B
HW-KM45C/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM57 AH59-02733B
HW-KM57C/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM360 AH59-02733B
HW-KM360/ZA AH59-02733B
HW-KM370 AH59-02733B
HW-KM370C AH59-02733B
HWM360 AH59-02758A
HWM370 AH59-02758A
HWM430 AH59-02758A
HWM450 AH59-02758A
HWM550 AH59-02758A
HWM4500 AH59-02758A
WV60M9900AV AH59-02758A
MAX-345 AH59-10008C
MAX-DX79 AH59-01778W
MAX-N55 AH59-00004P
MX-E630CB AH59-02429A
MX-E630CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-E631CB AH59-02429A
MX-E631CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-E650CB AH59-02429A
MX-E650CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-E651CB AH59-02429A
MX-E651CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-E660CB AH59-02429A
MX-E660CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-E661CB AH59-02429A
MX-E661CB/ZA AH59-02429A
MX-J630 AH59-02694B
MX-J630/ZA AH59-02694B
MX-J730 AH59-02694B
MX-J730/ZA AH59-02694B
MX-JS5000 AH59-02694B
MX-JS5000/ZA AH59-02694B
PS-WJ470 AH59-02692H
PS-WJ470/ZA AH59-02692H
SC-D23 AD59-00085A
SC-D23/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D27 AD59-00085A
SC-D27/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D33 AD59-00085A
SC-D33/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D80 AD59-00085A
SC-D80/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D86 AD59-00085A
SC-D86/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D105 AD59-00085A
SC-D107 AD59-00085A
SC-D107/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D364 AD59-00085A
SC-D366 AD59-00085A
SC-D903 AD59-00085A
SC-D903/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D965 AD59-00085A
SC-D965/NTS AD59-00085A
SC-D6040 AD59-00085A
SC-D6040/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-D6550 AD59-00085A
SC-D6550/XAA AD59-00085A
SC-DC164 AD59-00148A
SC-DC164/XAA AD59-00148A
SC-DC165 AD59-00148A
SC-DC564 AD59-00148A
SC-DC564/XAA AD59-00148A
SC-DC575 AD59-00148A
SC-DC575/XAA AD59-00148A
VP-D963 AD59-00085A
VP-D963I AD59-00085A
VP-D963I/SEA AD59-00085A
VP-D964W AD59-00085A
VP-D964WI AD59-00085A
VP-D965W AD59-00085A
VP-D965WI AD59-00085A
 BD-D700 AK59-00124A
BD-D5250C AK59-00113A
BD-D5250C/ZA AK59-00113A
BD-D5300 AK59-00113A
BD-D5300C/ZA AK59-00113A
BD-D5300ZA AK59-00113A
BD-F5100 AK59-00171A
BD-F5100/ZA AK59-00171A
BD-F5100/ZF AK59-00149A
BD-F5100/ZX AK59-00171A
BD-F5500 AK59-00171A
BD-F5500/XY AK59-00171A
BD-F5500/ZF AK59-00149A
BD-F5700 AK59-00172A
BD-F5700/ZA AK59-00172A
BD-F6700 AK59-00173A
BD-F6700/ZA AK59-00173A
BD-FM51 AK59-00149A
BD-FM51/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-FM51C AK59-00149A
BD-FM57C AK59-00171A
BD-FM57C/ZA AK59-00171A
BD-H5100 AK59-00149A
BD-H5100/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-H5900 AK59-00149A
BD-H5900/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-H6500 AK59-00177B
BD-H6500/ZA AK59-00177B
BD-HM51 AK59-00149A
BD-HM51/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-HM57C/ZA AK59-00177A
BD-HM59 AK59-00149A
BD-HM59C AK59-00149A
BD-HM59C/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-HM59/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-J5100E AK59-00149A
BD-J5100E/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-J5700 AK59-00149A
BD-J5900 AK59-00149A
BD-J5900E AK59-00149A
BD-J5900E/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-JM51 AK59-00149A
BD-JM51/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-JM57 AK59-00149A
BD-JM57/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-JM57C AK59-00149A
BD-JM57C/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-JM59 AK59-00149A
BD-JM59/ZA AK59-00149A
BD-J5100 AK59-00149A
UBD-K8500 AK59-00179A
UBD-K8500/ZA AK59-00179A
UBD-KM85C/ZA AK59-00179A
UBD-M7500/ZA AK59-00180A
UBD-M8500/ZA AK59-00180A
UBD-M9500/ZA AK59-00180A
UBD-M9700/ZA AK59-00180A
SP-A400B BP59-00132A
SP-A400B/CX BP59-00132A
SP-A600 BP59-00132A
SP-A600/BX BP59-00132A
SP-D300B BP59-00132A
SP-D300BX BP59-00132A
SP-D300SX BP59-00132A
SP-D400 BP59-00132A
SP-D400S BP59-00132A
SP-D400SFX BP59-00132A
SP-D400SS BP59-00132A
SP-D400SX BP59-00132A
SPH500 BP59-00036A
SPH500AE BP59-00036A
SPH500AEX/XAA BP59-00036A
SPH700 BP59-00036A
SPH700AE BP59-00036A
SPH700AEX/XAA BP59-00036A
SP-H710 BP59-00036A
SP-H710AE BP59-00036A
SP-H710AEM/XAA BP59-00036A
SP-H800 BP59-00036A
SP-H800BE BP59-00036A
SP-H800BE/XAA BP59-00036A
SP-P400 BP59-00133A
SP-P400BX BP59-00133A
SP-P410M BN59-00900A
SP-P410MEX BN59-00900A
SP-P410MEX/EN BN59-00900A
SP-P410MMX BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/EN BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/UF BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/XD BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/XF BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/XK BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/XS BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/XT BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/ZA BN59-00900A
SP-P410MX/ZX BN59-00900A
SP-U300M BN59-00903A
SP-U300MX BN59-00903A
SP-U300MX/EN BN59-00903A

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