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    CROSLEY-PHILIPS-MAGNAVOX-SYLVANIA 483521917656 Remote Control

    For Crosley model numbers: CC2538P CC2547A101 CC2555AK02 CC2731P104 CC2750A101 CC2752A101 CP4170AK04 CP4610W102 CP4620W103 CP4670AK CP4671AK CP4680A102 CP5220W103 CT2034C121 CT2510WA06 CT2525C202 CT2730A402 CT3210B101

    For Philips-Magnavox model numbers: 13PSC60121 19PR14C122 19PS52C325 20J170SB02 27K241 27K251 27K251B1 27K251SB02 27K269 27K269EC 27K269EC01 27K271 27K271B 27K271SB01 27K271SB02 27K271SB04 27P340C 27S200C401 27TS60 CLB387PR04 FS2750A102 G08RPBAB02 G96SVCAA01 G144AABA02 G144AABA03 G145DBCA03 GNB17719A H0222ABD02 H0319BAG02 H1232AAA01 H123AAAA01 H1430ABA02 H1431ABA02 H144AABA02 H144BCBA02 H144DABA02 H145CCBA02 H145DABA02 H145DACA03 H1631BBA02 H203AAAA01 H203BCAA01 H203CCAB02 H203DAAB02 HD2630 M0222ABD02 M0627AAA01 M1232AAA01 M123ABAA01 UR12 PIP M143CCAB02 M144AABA02 M144ABBA02 M144CCBA02 M144DABA02 M1631BBA02 P8346D P8346DAK01 PK4816 P0319AAD01 P0319BAD01 P0627AAA01 P0727AAA01 P0727BAA01 RDP424PE04 RF4948PE01 RH4251WA07 RH4474 RH4540 RH4550 RH4552 RH4952 RH4952AK01 RH5550AK03 RH5940AK RH5956 RH7610BK01 RH8524AK06 RJ4049WA01 RJ4340WA01 RJ4484AK01 RJ5540 RJ8545AK RJ8550 RJ5542CH01 RK4341 RK4482 RK5541 RK5554AK02 RK5565CH02 RK6020 RK6070 RK7605AK02 RK7720AK05 RK7601AK02 RK8536AK01 RL8537AC RM8530A101 RP3190B102 RPK708CH02 RPK712 RPK712AK03 RPK937PE02 RS1960W222 RS3161 RS4282WA01 RS4385CH01 RS4956PE04 RS4960AK01 RSJ410 RSJ440 RSJ450 RSK410 S1232AAA01 S1232BAA01 S123AAAA01 S1430ABA02 S1430BBA02 S1530AAA01 S1631BAA01 S1631BBA02 T087AGMA01 T187 T225AGGA02 T225AGMA02 T230AGMA01 T238AGMA01 T251AGCA01 T251AGPA01 T251AGPH01 T251AGSA01 T251AGYA01 TS3262101 UR14 XMK172 XMK172C101 Y0727BAB02 Y1232AAA01 Y123AAAA01 Y123ABAA01 Y1430BBA02 Y143CCAB02 RG4254 RG4332 RG4474 RG4549 RG4550 RG4950 RG4956 RG5940 RG5950 RG5960 RH4332 RH4340 RH4542 RH4551 RH4950 RH5948 RH9940 RH9946 RH9953 RNF337 RNF338 RNF351 RNF352 RNF357 RNF372 RNF601 RNF610 RNF921 RNF922 RNF980 RNH352 RNH601 RNH921 RNH926 RNH937 RNH938 RPF590 RPF702 RH4040 RH4350 RH4321 RH4956 RH4816

    For Sylvania model numbers: CXB168WR84 RKX185BK01 RPK591AK RPK550AK03 RPK556PE02 RPK556PE03 RPK591AK02 RPK599PE01 RPK599PE02 RPK712AK02 RPK712AK03 RPK723CH02 RPK933AK02 RPK971AK01 RPK971AK02

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