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TV Model Number

Number on the Remote Control
23F3300 06-520W37-E003X
28D2700 RC2000N02
28S305 RC280
28S3750 RC280
32B2800 06-520W37-E003X
32D100 06-520W37-E003X
32D2700 06-520W37-E003X
32F2700 RC2000N02
32FS3700 RC280
32FS4610R RC280
32S301 RC280
32S305 RC280
32S325 RC280
32S327 RC280
32S800 RC280
32S850 RC280
32S3600 RC2000N02
32S3700 RC280
32S3750 RC280
32S3800 RC280
32S3850 RC280
32S3850A RC280
32S3850B RC280
32S3850P RC280
32S4610R RC280
39S3600 RC2000N02
40D100 06-520W37-E003X
40FD2700 RC2000N02
40FS3750 RC280
40FS3800 RC280
40FS3850 RC280
40FS4610R RC280
40S303 RC280
40S305 RC280
40S325 RC280
40S3800 RC280
43FP110 RC280
43S303 RC280
43S305 RC280
43S325 RC280
43S403 RC280
43S405 RC280
43S421 RC282
43S425 RC280
43S515 RC280
43UP120 RC280
43UP130 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
48F2700 RC2000N02
48FD2700 06-520W37-E003X
48FS3700 RC280
48FS3750 RC280
48FS4610 RC2000N01
48FS4690 RC2000N01
49C807 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
49D100 06-520W37-E003X
49FP110 RC280
49S303 RC280
49S305 RC280
49S325 RC280
49S403 RC280
49S405 RC280
49S425 RC280
49S515 RC280
50FS3750 RC280
50FS3800 RC280
50FS3850 RC280
50FS4690 RC2000N01
50S423 RC280
50S425 RC280
50UP120 RC280
50UP130 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
55C803 RC280
55C807 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
55FS3700 RC280
55FS3750 RC280
55FS3850 RC280
55FS4610 RC2000N01
55FS4690 RC2000N01
55P605 RC280
55P607 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
55R615 RC280
55S401 RC280
55S403 RC280
55S405 RC280
55S421 RC282
55S425 RC280
55S515 RC280
55UP120 RC280
55UP130 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
55US57 RC280
55US5800 RC280
65C803 RC280
65C807 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
65P607 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
65R615 RC280
65S401 RC280
65S403 RC280
65S405 RC280
65S421 RC282
65S425 RC280
65US5800 RC280
75C803 RC280
75C807 06-RFZNWF-ARC64
L26HDF12TA RC3000N02
L26HDM12 RC3000N02
L32HDF12TA RC3000N02
L32HDM12 RC3000N02
L32HDP60 RC3000N02
L40HDF12TA RC3000N02
L40HDM12 RC3000N02
L40FHDP60 RC3000N02
LE32FHDE3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE32HD35300 RC3000N02
LE32HDF3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE32HDF3300 RC3000N02
LE32HDF3300TA RC3000N02
LE32HDF3300TT RC3000N02
LE32HDF3310 RC3000N02
LE32HDP21TA RC3000N02
LE39FHDE3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE39FHDF3300 RC3000N02
LE39FHDF3300TA RC3000N02
LE39FHDF3300TT RC3000N02
LE39FHDF3310 RC3000N02
LE40FHDE3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE42FHDE5300 RC3000N02
LE43FHDF3300 RC3000N02
LE43FHDF3300TA RC3000N02
LE46FHDE5300 RC3000N02
LE48FHDE3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE48FHDF3310 RC3000N02
LE48FHDF3300Z RC3000N02
LE48FHDF3300ZTA RC3000N02
LE50FHDE3010 06-520W37-E003X
LE55FHDF3300Z RC3000N02
LE55FHDF3300ZTA RC3000N02
LE55FHDF3310 RC3000N02
RC280 JNIL RC280
RC2000N02 06-520W37-E003X


Number on the Remote Control


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